A Week of… Series

Text Box:                           Cynthia DiSciullo  and
                      William Zigmont

All Hallows Eve

These are stories more specifically about Halloween and the unique fantasy that surrounds it, spooky avoiding gore and psychotic stuff.  Trick-or-treat.  Ghosts.  Black cats.  Costumes.



Male’s Tales

These are stories that have a flavor of males/boys as the main character and/or may be perceived more interesting to the male gender.  The boys should be valiant and heroes.



Female’s Tatales

These are stories that have a flavor of females/girls as the main character and/or may be perceived more interesting to the female gender.  Sheroes or cool gals who embody

healthy humanistic values.



Deeply Creepy

These are stories that are most definitely weird.  Good weird.  You keep the blood and give me twisty plots.



Meow Bow Gang

These are stories revolving around the cat or dog; any kind of dog or cat.  Engaging personalities.  Courage



Macabre Haunting

These are stories that hold a haunting hue.  Haunted houses.  Haunted shoes.  Haunted woods.  Haunted pinecones.  Haunted raisins.  Haunted anythings.



Snails-n-bitsy Stuff

These are stories about small things, but mostly those in the bug world.  Ick but not sick.  Cute is a must but haunting can have its place.



Sweet Rhyme

These are kind and gentle stories that mostly have a taste of poetry as part of the blend; celebrations of the grand spirit of naivety.  Stories that make smiles smear the faces of the reader.



Wiggly Worms

These are stories about worms and the cousins, snakes, serpents, and dragons.  If it wiggles write about it.  Stick snakes.  Cords that gain a life.  Tails on kites.  Hoses


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