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Text Box:                           Cynthia DiSciullo  and
                      William Zigmont

I am an author. 

Autumn flashed brilliance over the shore of Lums Pond.  Glorious colors of sharp and raw against a sky of mourning.  The din was quiescently haunting.  A green-necked mallard died, fallen upon a rock.  Its chest heaved once then stilled.  A dismayed child watched and cried, not understanding the why.  The question ripened upon quivering lips, yet remained unspoken.  No one explained the why.  No one thought to expose truth beyond the platitudes and clichés that rose like bitter medicine spooned.

As the winks of time propelled seconds into years I conspired to create a yawning window upon a scene of possibilities awash in originality; to unfold the tales of mallards, of tides, of stars, honesty, lies, good, evil, magic, myth, the stretch of the universe, and the nadir of the ocean, all in the spirit of John Clarke's line, "A black swan, a white raven."  Impossibility morphed to probability.  Conformity morphed to distinction.  Colorlessness morphed to vivid.  All experienced through lexes splayed like watercolor upon a palette, ultimately engulfing the canvas, imagination expressed. To paraphrase Frost, "I am... an awakener."  Trust me, I adore creating a spontaneous laugh, a querying tilt of another's head, stimulating a passionate argument or provoking the pall of a cry.

As a modest elder sprinkled by naivety and enriched by optimism, my proclivity leans toward whimsical fantasy and honest love, the truism of love.  "If I speak with human eloquence and angelic ecstasy but don't love, I'm nothing but the creaking of a rusty gate."  This ideal encapsulates my vision; it honed by past publishing accomplishments and enriched by melding two talented writers.

Love of both my work and readers coupled with an honest belief that I have something to share allows me to become selfish within my writing, because I am driven by love to give idea gifts. The following quote resonated a truth within me.  "There are three things that will endure, faith, hope and love, and the greatest of these is love."  I am proud to be driven by love.

Our efforts have generated three hundred short stories, two novels and a novella.  More recent, bonded by our mutual love of Delaware, we have been working on self-publishing a book series: an exciting Delaware-focused collection of stories, facts, and poems.  This celebration of our state engenders positive images, moral and ethical messages, uplifting fiction geared for ages six through fifteen.

The series misted with titles such as "The Meow-Bow Gang," "The Princess and the Zoo," "The Tree that went Fishing," and "The Ghost of Jennerson Mansion"; stories glowing with respect, patience, honesty, trust, loyalty, faith, hope, and yes, love, are intended to provide answers to the "whys" of a child.

Remember that child who watched the mallard die, who stood with questions unanswered?  She became an adult.  That child was me.

Now... I am an author.


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