A Week of… Series

Text Box:                           Cynthia DiSciullo  and
                      William Zigmont


Professional Accomplishments

Authors' Credits


Print and/or electronic versions of ten book titles in romance, fantasy, supernatural and paranormal thrillers, one was the publisher’s best seller and Eppie Finalist, another was the publisher’s best seller, a third and fourth were Eppie Finalists, while one is new.


Two-hundred and fifty children’s short stories based in/or about Delaware are currently being compiled, illustrated and finalized for a pending self-published ten book series, paid for by winning writing contests, Humble Authors power washing service, garage sales, e-bay sales, classified sales and some odd jobs.


Published shorts and other credits

A Week of… m’Sweet Whatnots  June 2007

A Week of… m’Eerie Weirdies  October 2007

A Week of… m’Eerie Weirdies 2  February 2008

A Week of… The Pencil That Would Not Draw Noses April 2008

A Week of…m’Sunnyshine and Winks June 2008

A Week of…m’Christmas Witch September 2008

A Week of…m’Christmas Nuggets October 2008

Dream Away published in Edit Red November 2007

Bog’s Edge published in Edit Red November 2007

Heaven's Gate published in Writer's Journal

Tiger published in True Romance

Okapi published in Worlds of Wonder July 2006

The Coin pending publication with Existenz

Oops e-published with Ultraverse in Sept. 2006

It's a Ruff-ruff World - Cecil Whig (award winner)

Haunted Nursery published Hob-Nob (award winner)

The Council Chamber e-published and recorded as an audio Sept. 06

Milking Time e-published and recorded as an audio Sept. 06

Tramp's Thanksgiving e-published and recorded as an audio Sept. 06

Timothy James Duncan published World of Wonders Jan. 07

Hopalong take Command by Steve Renzi recorded audio Oct. 06

The South American Landscape by Claire Moore recorded Oct. 06

Grant and Juggling Ant published by Bewildering Stories

Theodore “Ted” Kilroy e-published by Edit Red

The Spot e-published by Edit Red

Renee e-published by Edit Red

Various other shorts published by small press houses

Articles in various local, city and statewide newspapers, including four as a Guest Columnist in addition to trade articles

Co-authored a staged play for community theater

Written a number of screenplays

Song lyrics written for the Enfields

Numerous technical manuals

Creative editor on numerous newsletters

Trained as an instructor for Adult Literacy in America and volunteered for two years

Taught children's writing classes over a three-year period

Approximately sixty-years joint writing experience


Authors' Awards


Finalist of seven short stories out of almost 400 submitted for the Art of Storytelling at the Delaware Art Museum

Portrait of Absalom Jones

Hans Brinker

The Council Chamber

Tar Beach


Milking Time

Tramp's Thanksgiving

Winners of three short stories out of 37 judged finalist for the Art of Storytelling at the Delaware Art Museum

The Council Chamber

Milking Time

Tramp's Thanksgiving

EPPIE finalist three book awards

Two books were on the publisher’s best seller’s list

It's a Ruff-ruff World - Cecil Whig award

Haunted Nursery - a Hob-Nob Reader's Choice Award


Author's Profile Articles done by ~


   The Journal

   State News

   The Middletown Transcript

   Beach Paper

   Smyrma/Clayton Sun Times

   Hockessin Community News

   Harrington Journal

   R.A.H. Magazine


   University of Delaware Newspaper

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