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Text Box:    By Cynthia DiSciullo and William Zigmont

EXCERPT:  While reflecting upon his youth, Keegan recognized that first emotions, whereas they were of an immature soul were far from immature.  The sensations were stronger, the passion more intense, and the self-awareness of their truth not yet evolved.

                 He reflected about such profoundly overwhelming emotions.  Of course, they were an adolescent's, but first love could be the most powerful love ever.

EXCERPT:  Not feeling at all shy as if this was something he had to say, Wayne blurted, "I thought about you over the years."

                 "You're making me blush."

                 "All I see is your rare beauty."  Wayne needed to repeat, "I have thought about you."

EXCERPT:  The road stretched over the mountain like unfurling ribbon, a constant climb and a distinctive effort for my lime green Volkswagen.   Surprisingly, it blended with the landscape of muted pines and wild grasses, snapping the summer air.  Pop would have said it stood out like puke on the sidewalk.  I smiled, thinking about Pop, about his no-nonsense approach to life.  We never really saw eye to eye on anything.   ...

EXCERPT:  Well.  It seems as if the parents had good ideas but did not have a good relationship with Buddy.  Their talking was like arguing.”

“Bingo.  I think it was a little too little and a little too late.  This dialog between the father and son should have happened far earlier and far more often.  I also feel the father failed his duty to his son.  Not just the duty to share experiences and thoughts but to protect him.  He stated he felt he should have delayed his son getting his license.  But he did not.   ...

EXCERPT:  “Cyndy, we have to leave in ten minutes,” insisted the voice from outside her room, “We don’t want to be too late, Love.” Sunlight was streaming through windows glimmering via crystal sun catchers,  moments before the voice.  The day started out gloomy, with barely a smudge of brightness.  The vibrant sun foretold good things about the coming day, as did that prism of colorful light now dancing about her like wee fireflies, yet, melancholy momentarily attached itself to the lovely girl.

FIRST LOVE ~ MATURE-7-ADULT   A mature look at how one might find love. Note: Not a children's read.       

AFTER THE TEARS ~ MATURE-7-ADULT   Love…Friendship…And death…Are all meant to be. Note: Not a children's read.   

ONCE UPON A POP ~MATURE-7-ADULT   The power of a father's love.  

STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN ~ MATURE-7-ADULT   A story of failed driving responsibility.  erie.  Note: Not a children's read.                 

ATLANTIC HERRING ~  MATURE-7-ADULT     A sentimental connection between a dead grandfather and his granddaughter   


EXCERPT:  The pain that is scribed in the memories, relived in dreams, haunts with recollections, felt in the anxiety causing flashbacks, and all repented with each remembrance.

All the repentance or all the honest remorse doesn't make a significant difference.  In fairness to the angst it does not change a thing neither in the act that can't be taken back, or the emotions that all experience. 

COWARD ~  MATURE-7-ADULT    A short story about a boyhood terror that haunts him into manhood

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