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SweetText Box:    By Cynthia DiSciullo and William Zigmont

EXCERPT:  Goo, friendly goo  …  Does it icky you?

GOO, FRIENDLY GOO  ~  SWEET-READ TO      A cute look at goo.             

EXCERPT:  The shuffle of feet and the squeak of a shopping cart wheel told that someone else came  close, and then stopped.

"Pick me," sounded the gentle voice, again, inhaling the scent of cream puffs as if the woman just finished baking .  "Pick me."

GREENIE ~ SWEET-EASY   The adventures of Max's sippy cup.   

EXCERPT:  "It happened again."

                 "What?" Jan asked, following behind the new employee and shivering under the late fall chill.

                 “Look,” said Denise, concern in her statement as she pushed open the door to the bookmobile and stepped to the left so that Jan could look inside.  Several books had been left on the small table, and Denise knew she had put every book away at the end of the previous day, not a single book had been off the shelf.  In fact, the table had been moved and so had a few rug squares.  ….

BOOKMOBILE SURREAL ~ SWEET-EASY  A sweet tale of a girl who discovers the bookmobile.

EXCERPT:  The small and young girl felt a powerful hauntin’, from a task that most found quite dauntin’.

THE PRINCESS AND THE BRANDYWINE ZOO ~ SWEET-EASY A poetic fanciful look at a zoo. 

EXCERPT:  “Bright-eyed or not,” stated Mr. Matters, “Is a way to live life that is totally up to you.”

CUPCAKE HALF ICED OR HALF PLAIN ~  SWEET-EASY  Sunshine Matters learns about optimism.  Note: The word hell is used.          

EXCERPT:  Anyone who is lucky to have    …   doggie friends

                      But to have two pups a kind of    …   pair of bookends

BODI'S AND BABY TUDI'S ADVENTURE ~SWEET-READ TO      A poetic story about a baby and her pup.             

EXCERPT:  He has a beautiful heart.  Since then ‘mo has become a part of all our lives.  A four footed member of the family.  The fact that he will and has helped you and your brother learn some of life’s good added bonus.”

MURF AND DANDY AND 'MO ~ SWEET-EASY      Fun between pets.          

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