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Text Box:    By Cynthia DiSciullo and William Zigmont

EXCERPT:  Cold.  Icy cold cut through Newport, Delaware.  Thomas reached for a blanket, but his hand clutched only air.  He frowned.  He peered out of one eye, the other determined to stay shut, sleep felt too darn good, and Thomas wanted to go back to sleep.  He hadn't been this tired in ages.  He didn't know exactly what he did to get this tired.  His last memory revolved around watching TV, eating biscotti and drinking coffee.

EXCERPT:  Beneath the distant dark sky six boys sat cross-legged by the campfire.  The red, yellow and orange glow of flames danced on their faces, creating patterns and shapes that vaguely resembled their true selves. Such warm colors can create haunting masks.  Masks from which they might reveal that protected dread that shakes and shivers in the soul of each.

EXCERPT:  Saturday nights at the Wilmington General Hospital on the graveyard shift were usually lonely. I know that caused I work it.  I took the job as a security professional, it being part time to help pay some of the costs for being a full-time college student.  I believed that there would be very little excitement working midnight to eight and up until that moment in time I was correct.  When I say that, I will tell you what I mean.    ...

EXCERPT:  "I know that you love me.  I know that this evening I'm going to ask you to marry me," stated the man.

                 The woman smiled a shy smile, stymied with confusion.

                 He continued, "And I know that you are going to accept."

                 Torchieres flickered about the couple casting wavy shimming shadows that battled misty swirls of fog. 

ARE WE DEAD YET ~HORROR-4th - 8th  An eerie tale of a man who may have passed away.

THE STUMP MAN ~ HORROR-7-ADULT                 A creepy campfire tale shared by boys.                

THE DEAD CUT THE CHEESE  ~ HORROR-4th - 8th       A frightful tale of orderlies going to the morgue.         

JOHN EDWARD NORMAN WITHIN  ~ HORROR-4th - 8th   A look at the value of appearance.         


EXCERPT:  Sam Treadway died that same year.  He had no family in town.  I was happy and proud to pay for his burial and stone.  Had it carved with the epitaph, “There is nothing…  absolutely nothing half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats… or with boats… in or out of ‘em, doesn’t matter – Kenneth Grahame – The Winds of the Willows.”

This old salt taught me sailoring and I shall forever be grateful.

.I've sailed those waters just about every week since then hoping to see those men, my grandfather and maybe… that old salt, Sam Treadway, sailoring with them.

THE S. S. TREFAULT ~ HORROR-4th - 8th   A ghost story set on a boat.    

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