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SweetText Box:    By Cynthia DiSciullo and William Zigmont

EXCERPT:  The story goes, that in Cambridge, England in the two years surrounding 1900, at the turn of the century, a time when some confused science and magic, when mystery had a following of the peculiar ilk, strange reportings were made at the Bog’s Edge, a name of a place that reflected limited imagination for that was the bog’s edge.  Actually, these three years were the only times that this specific style of occurrences happened.

EXCERPT:  She instantly recognized ‘er grandSoopa.  Elation that bordered upon bliss clenched ’er.  She swooshed toward him, was grabbed up in his big arms.  They hugged.  Moments later, they drifted away, he ‘er guide to ‘er forever-afters and whats-to-bes.

EXCERPT:  Renee a wood-nymph with large, expressive fern nevernotgreen eyes, blush-hued cheeks and berry-pout lips, felt she had grown far too old, an important fact since not one gnome had shown her partnering interest, for nymph and gnome life-connected and raised child and tike.

“Meemo, am I ugly?” Renee asked her mother, her voice weak and willowy.

BOG'S EDGE ~ FANTASY-7-ADULT   A very creepy story about a marsh.

OOPS  ~  FANTASY-4th - 8th   A young girl wants to sing for family but…  

RENEE  ~ FANTASY-4th - 8th       Renee pines for her gnome.                              


EXCERPT:  Children grew up so swiftly, too swiftly, L thought as he gathered his loved ones into the family room.  Ronnie, the eldest, had the swagger of a young, confident man more mature than most for his eighteen years.    Four years younger, Sunshine had her mother’s eyes and the promise of beauty, a prodigy, a genius, though a humble girl in this strong and loving family.    She was allowed to be a child in spite of her gift.

THE COIN ~ FANTASY  -4th - 8th   A tale honoring a family's history.                            

EXCERPT:  In the universe of underEarth, a hamlet existed called Beefurdeere.  Farmers, weavers, shepherds, woodsmen, shearers, and Cabble inhabited this quaint pocket of color-washed hills and bright Sunnyshine.

                 A hummingbird’s wing-flit from manhood, Cabble lived there with his fa, Arta, a farmer, his mo, Toyle, and his sibs.  Cabble, at fifteen re-births, was the oldest.  ...

TIMOTHY JAMES DUNCAN ~   FANTASY-4th - 8th   A scary adventure told by a sibling.                

PATTER ~ FANTASY -   4th - 8th   A girl's misbegotten rescue adventure.    

EXCERPT:  Patter, sister to Pitter and daughter of Lan, grand to Gen, she a fifth generation farmer’s daughter.  Like many children of the crop and pen, she wore the yoke of hard work without nay a whine or bemoan.

                 Every morn, this snip of a girl awoke before the Sunnyshine’s first poignant smile to start one of her many chores, all without a complaint.  ...

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