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FAMILYText Box:    By Cynthia DiSciullo and William Zigmont

EXCERPT:  “Sunshine was maybe three.  Ronny six maybe seven."  The older woman stopped speaking  and turned towards her son, "Ronny act your age not your shoe size!"  Mrs. Matters picked up where she left off in her story, "It was a warm summer night. We were eating watermelon.  Sunshine left the room to get a towel from the kitchen.  She returned scared.” Faith Matters was talking  to couple of her daughter Sunshine's girlfriends who were sitting around the table.

LADYBUG… LADYBUG  ~  FAMILY—READ TO   Sunshine Matters has a poignant moment regarding a ladybug.

EXCERPT:  Wind rustled the autumn leaves.  The waft of fresh cut pine scented the air.  A field mouse ran for his den. And the ring-tailed squirrel gathered an acorn. While, the owl winked knowingly.

This afternoon was sweater weather.  Cool, yet not cold.  More pleasant than not.  The kind of day that was born for outdoor play.  Outdoor play.

THE OWL WINKED KNOWINGLY  ~  FAMILY—4TH-8TH  Sunshine and Ronny Matters have a scary woodland adventure walking home.

EXCERPT:  "We had better wear warm winter clothes today.  It has snowed and it looks cold," said Sandy Spies to her husband Carl and their son Toby after glancing out the kitchen window. Throughout the night, snow had splayed homes and stores, landscape and roads, leaving the morning world bright, glorious and frigid. It was not rare for it to snow the first week of December in Vermont, but many had hoped the skies would have held its blessings a couple days longer. 

THEODORE "TED" KILROY  ~  FAMILY—4TH-8TH   Sports based story of success with a supernatural twist.

EXCERPT:  “Ronny, help me,” said his father as he burrowed into his winter gear, removing a number of pieces of outerwear. 

The items were tossed onto an upholstered armchair.

The younger male noticed the size differences in the garments and got the message he was going out. 

The boy donned his parka without responding.  No response had been required, for they always handled weather-prompted chores as a team. 

And the weather had indeed prompted. 

COFFEE IS GENDER NEUTRAL  ~  FAMILY—EASY  A playful look at Ronny Matters' parents.

EXCERPT:  Ronny began to read his story:   “Life as a fly is very buzzy busy,”  began a fly to a group of flies who were squatting upon their haunches, “You buzz off here and you buzz off there.  How does it go?  Here a buzz.  There a buzz. Everywhere a buzz, buzz, buzz." He raised his thin arms in a halting motion.  "Hold your laughter it was not that funny.  And then after the buzzing you do some, what else,  more buzzing. In some unaware circles you could be called a buzz maniac or worst a buzzy body.  This is where you can laugh.”  The speaker was amused at their own humor.  Equal or greater amusement was not shared amidst the crowd, as one loan chuckle was heard.

FRED THE FLY   ~   FAMILY-4TH-8TH    An obsessive look at the life of a fly.

EXCERPT:  Aunt Alice died and was buried.  The words resonated uneasily in Sunny Matters' world.  She didn't like the taste of them.  She didn't like the sound.  She didn't like that she'd never see her Aunt Alice's perky expression or hear that soft hum when in thought.  Sunny's heart expressed the sadness the entire Matters' family experienced at the loss of Aunt Alice.  She was Ronny's and Sunny's mother’s sister.  Very close in age to their mom, and she was their family. 

LIFE ROCKS   ~   FAMILY-4TH-8TH   A poignant story of remembering those lost.

EXCERPT:  The boy dropped his well-worn soccer ball onto the ground and began to dribble it between his feet.  He began a song and tried to maintain a rhythmic motion to the tune.  He sang:  “Oh, what did Della wear, boy,  What did Della wear?  What did Della wear, boy,  What did Della wear?

RUN RHYME RUN… WORDS CAN BE FUN   ~   FAMILY-4TH-8TH   Poetic and Prose build a tale of friendship.

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