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CREEPYText Box:    By Cynthia DiSciullo and William Zigmont
Text Box: DARWIN HOUSE... HAUNTED     ~   CREEPY  -  7-ADULT         A twist on a haunted house story.
Text Box: EXCERPT: Has fear wrenched and twisted your being so harshly that you swore that scared to death was one shallow, held breath away?  Shadows beckoned and curled as eye-blurring tears mingled with the unprompted run from the nose; tasted, salty ooze wiped upon the shirtsleeve.  One's chest barely held the pound of its heart.  It screaming, "Please free me."  While you simultaneously begged, "Steal me from this horror.  Now, while there is still time.  I want to live.  I want to live!"

EXCERPT: You think Itchy and you might think of a dog with fleas.  Or a wolf with ticks.  Or a monkey with nits  You scratch an itch. don't itch a scratch. Cats can be itchy but they are generally scratchy.  Huge difference.  Itchy itches.  Scratchy scratches.  I hope I am clear on this.   You see I have this fear.  Ouch! You see, certain things cause me to spontaneously scratch my skin. 

A SUMMER JOB… A SUMMER BLOB    ~  CREEPY  -  4TH—8TH    Itcy O'Shea discovers something unusual while mulching.

EXCERPT: Beyond the All Saints Cemetery's gates traffic could be heard, sounding somewhat like an erratic hum, rising, falling, off-key, always endless, even more so on a Saturday evening in spring way past the hour of dusk.  However, within the gated dead community the din of whispering winds shared from one tomb to the next provided the only interruption. Amidst these weakling whines, Dominick Antonille strolled.  Just a slight figure of boy dressed in a school letter jacket and jeans, he seemed out of place, too alive and too young, too alert and too animated.  Yet the lad contemplatively ambled over the pathways, nodding silently and respectfully at the flat stones as if greeting old friends.  

THE BOY THAT SANG TO THE DEAD  ~  CREEPY - 7-ADULT  -  Unusual happens at All Saint's Cemetery

EXCERPT:  Prescript for the Postcard StorySometimes truth can be stranger than fiction.  The genesis for this story is found in the truth that a postcard arrived from our daughter almost a year after she left San Francisco.  Additionally, another postcard was delivered to the man she had been dating and was still dating.  The friend she visited insisted she had mailed them the day our daughter left.  It is still an unsolved mystery.  The rest of the story was changed to protect the innocent or to embellish the nuance of fascination this event caused me.  Enjoy. 

POSTCARD STORY  ~  CREEPY—EASY  -  A shuddersome series of events.

EXCERPT: ‘etra leFleur rolled onto her back, staring up through the boughs and branches of the ash tree.  Its thick foliage allowed no light.  Only shade prevailed along with a cool stillness.  She closed her eyes.  “I wish upon the wart leaves of you for your gifts hidden from all time.  Share with me wisdom hardened upon the marrow of your existence.” She closed her eyes and held her breath, crossed her fingers, arms and legs.  Dreams were dreams if you remember you dreamed, if not they were simply lost moments of the mind. 

MAKE A WISH AND ALL TIME STOPS  ~  CREEPY—4TH-8TH  -  A sweet look at an odd moment in a girl's life.

EXCERPT:  "Jenn told me that a friend of hers, who knows a girl whose cousin lives on the same block as Old Mister Jake insists that he catches children and keeps them in his basement.  She said that her friend said that a neighbor boy just got away from the man. And I believe her," stated Mea with a matter-a-factish manner, her feet swaying beneath the porch swing.

JAKE'S BASEMENT  ~  CREEPY—EASY  -  The Payles family's neighbor needs to be watched.

EXCERPT:  The 20s were an era of loose virtues and looser still women, all fed by the want of endless power, abundant wealth and self-indulgent pleasure wrapped in the wash of booze.  The want of drink.  The devil's tea. 

THE METROPOLITAN AND ITS ERA  ~  CREEPY –7-ADULT  -  A look at the twenties.  Note: Deals with some mature subjects.

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