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Text Box:                           Cynthia DiSciullo  and
                      William Zigmont

This book’s genesis was to be a celebration of Delaware, and if you look, you will find something Delaware in every piece; albeit, a place, person, and/or an event.  Our small state is full of treasures, some not so apparent, and we hope we have unearthed some of those hidden.  Our mantra was FUN.


The construction of this book is simple.  It is broken down into days as chapters, thus the title of the book.  Whereas, the book is a collection of short stories and poems many written by Cynthia DiSciullo and William Zigmont, foremost it is a vehicle for others.


Additionally, each day has guest authors, all having a connection to Delaware, providing a short story(s).  The artwork contained is also Delaware based, the craftpersonship apparent, each cherished and are all gifts to this work.  Delaware is a treasure-trove of talented and generous people.  Many stories have Postscripts which make linkage to certain ideas oft times expressed in the attached piece.  Sections called Another’s point are quotes that are intended to add to the stories.  Phobias noted are both real and faux.  Fear is a universal constant, and it is not that we have fear but what do we do about it… maybe understand it.


Thank you, everyone.


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